I wish my work serves as a starting point where everyone gets excited to share their specialties, where every corner in the world becomes a classroom, and where everyone learns as comfortably as they feel when they eat a pizza.

Art Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning

This workshop at SooVAC teaches people four types of bookbinding techniques through making four different kinds of breakfast-food books: Japanese stab binding for toast (choices are white bread, whole wheat and marble rye), saddle stitch for fruit (choices are apples and oranges), accordion folds for cheese (choices are blue cheese, cheddar and Swiss) and brass binding for fried eggs. All of the ingredients and tools will be provided for the workshop and throughout the exhibition. People can sit at a dining table and make food books of their choice and take them home with compostable sandwich bags. The first people who come can bind bread books that have jelly illustrations. The people who come late at the opening will very like to get the moldy bread.




Photo Credit: Zoe Cinel